Two Grand Canyons

I grew up in Sedona.  One summer,  during college,  I worked at the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon.  That job gave me the opportunity to see the canyon every day (and meet college girls that worked there too).  That was too many years ago to count but it’s not something one forgets; the canyon.  It is with that backdrop that I post this photo.  Having recently visited Kauai, I heard about Waimea referred to in the tourist books as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  I would need an ultra-wide-angle lens to really do it justice but it was spectacular.

13 thoughts on “Two Grand Canyons

  1. I just saw the Grand Canyon for the first time last October–it is almost too grand, too overwhelming to appreciate. We went to the Southern rim this time, and El Tovar was a lovely stop along the way. That must have been a grand place to see as you worked every single day.

  2. Love the Grand Canyon -my family was there once and then my husband and I went in our later years. Loved it-one of the most awesome places on earth. Your pictures of it are beautiful-nothing is like being there in person, but your pictures come close.

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