Trying Out a Self Hosted Site

Like many of you I’ve read the pros and cons of vs  I’m still not sure which is best for me but the free trails make it pretty easy to  try things out for a month to see how it works.  I have had my own domain for awhile so a few days ago I  selected Bluehost to create and use

One of the big disadvantages of is the inability to commercialize your site.  I have no interest in becoming a professional blogger.  I have a job that I really enjoy.  Photography is a hobby and I’m very serious about it but I would like to generate some income to offset some of the costs .

Fotomoto was one of the eCommerce options and it was very easy to set up.  If you click over to the new site you can see their presence under the photos I’m using for demo purposes.

I’m going to run the two sites parallel during the trail period meaning if I post a photo here I’ll post it on the new site too.

I would like feedback from any of you out there.  Have you’ve tried something similar?  If so, what results have you had.  Are there better ways to go about this?

If you follow this site please follow the other and let me hear from you.


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