What Was It?

Was it a Rabbit?, Death Valley CA  (1 of 1)

I returned last night from three days in the US’s largest National Park not in Alaska.  Death Valley’s 5269 square miles has to be seen in order to understand and appreciate how large, stark, and beautiful it is.  I’m going to post a photo a day for the rest of this week to, in a small way, show you what I saw.  Some are grand and some simple like this one.

There are a series of dunes named Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes that hundreds of people a day visit so by nightfall their foot prints are everywhere.  The good news is the wind often blows hard at night and erases them.  If you hike out a couple of miles at first light you can see where small animals have traveled.  You can also capture those dramatic scene too.  Those are for later.

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