Totem Pole

Monument Valley
Monument Valley

Totem Pole 2

Totem Pole can be shot from the south at sunset but in order to get to it at sunrise you need a Navajo guide to take you north and west.  We met at 5:30AM and took his four wheel drive off through rough roads, sand trails, and deep ravines.  Then hiked a bit to get under the sand dunes in the foreground.  A beautiful morning.  We went on to a few other sites as well but as I mentioned in my last post the weather was not very user friendly.

4 thoughts on “Totem Pole

  1. Great image. The second one is of my favorites from your portfolio. Great foreground interest items. The side lighting perfectly brings out the texture in the sand and the rock formation and you got a fabulous sky to boot. If I am ever in your area, I definitely have to give you a call and have you take me to these fabulous locations you shoot 🙂

    • I read your “about me” and we’re very close in experience. I started 2 years ago trying to make good photos. Since then I’ve read a lot and looked carefully at shots I like and what makes them so.

      There is no question that it’s easier if you have dramatic locations. Still takes patience. I waited for several hours in the rain at Monument Valley for the overcast to break. But it sure is a good feeling when you get the shot you’ve been waiting for.

      Anytime you have the time to head my way it would be my pleasure to join up.

    • Many don’t know how much it takes to get those. Travel, scouting, getting up in the dark, waiting for the moment the light is right. So for you to say that means a lot. Thank you.

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