Ranch Scale


Santa Margarita Ranch
Santa Margarita Ranch

I like landscape so don’t often get close.  I got to visit the Santa Margarita Ranch the other day and took shots of all sorts of ranch implements with my 50MM wide open.  Going through them this morning I found this example of bokeh which I rarely see in my shots.  It sure does highlight the subject and I can see how it could be used very effectively in certain circumstances.  What a great hobby; all kinds of new things to discover.

7 thoughts on “Ranch Scale

  1. Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination
    I have nominated your blog for this award. I sincerely hope you will accept and then nominate and encourage other inspiring blogs. Please read the rules and responsibilities on the link below. Keep up the great writing and photography.
    Namaste. . . .. Anne. . . .Smile

  2. Nice exposure. I like the way the ‘halo’ of light round the weight really picks it out from the dark. (I have it in my mind that the light effect on the ‘dark side’ has a specific name)

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