Smith River

I’m back home after spending a week at the Bar Z Ranch in Montana.  The weather was cold and colder.  I’ll post a series of photos starting with this simple view of the Smith River.


6 thoughts on “Smith River

  1. You’re very lucky to have spent some time on the Smith! Lots of Montanans try and grab those floating permits, but it is a challenge. I’m looking forward to this photo series of my home state. Cheers

    • Scott, the Smith was fantastic. Many big browns and a few brookies too. You’re the lucky one being able to live in Montana. This was my 8th trip to the state and already planning the next one. Thanks for the comment.

      • Oh I believe it! I have fished that river before and it truly is amazing: the fish and the views! I live in the western part of the state and the fishing is amazing around here! If you haven’t yet fished the mighty Blackfoot or Bitterrroot Rivers, start planning that trip now John. Cheers

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