The Chateau De la Barre has been in the Vanssay family since the 1400’s and was our home base while touring the Loire Valley.  One of the remaining battlements that still exists on the property is shown here about to catch the morning light.

Chateau De la Barre, France
Chateau De la Barre, France

2 thoughts on “Battlement

  1. It’s a beautiful country – casks full of photographic opportunities. I’ve just returned from a week’s vacation near Montpelier myself – more of a restful week than a tour, but enjoyable nonetheless. (though the last couple of days were punctuated by some awesome rainstorms.

    • You are correct, Stephen, glad I bought an extra SD card before leaving on this trip. Used up several rolls of film too. We had rain off and on several days but I didn’t mind at all. Provided some nice black and white shots.

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