San Luis Obispo Concours

I attended a car show on Sunday which was a charity event benefiting Hospice so I wasn’t there to take photos but took a few.  For someone who likes landscape photography it was a different experience.  There was no way to set up a shot.  Too many cars in the way and people everywhere walking into your field of view and all that.  I learned quickly to get in close and be quick.  The first photo is the front fender  emblem of a 1958 Buick Roadmaster.  The second is the rear view mirror from a 1935 Cadillac.  

1958 Buick

1935 Cadillac

Out to Pasture

There is a winding two lane road that runs west and connects Highway 101 to Highway 1 at Morro Bay, CA  This truck, that once must have served its owner well, has been put out to pasture.  It would be interesting to know the history.

Out to Pasture

The Way if Was?

There is a section of Pismo Beach that allows motorized vehicles to drive out on the sand. During my walk yesterday this old car went by.  Not sure what it is, maybe a Ford.  I did a little cropping and then converted into B&W with Silver Efex Pro.  My way of recreating history.

The Way it Was