Waiting to Catch the Big One

I was out over the weekend having some fun with film and happened upon this four year old. She was having a ball.  Her mom was close by.

Avila Beach California
Avila Beach California

Learning Black and White Film

Being part of the digital world, film hasn’t been a focus of mine but there is a look to it, as many others have said,  that I really like.  However, I’m finding that it isn’t very easy to create.  Subject and composition is part of it, as with digital, but then there is the choice of film, filters, the developing process and scanning.  I’ve read a lot and experimented. Trial and error seems to be the only answer but I recently received some good advice from a fellow blogger, John Pickles, who creates a look with his film that I really like.  Take a look for yourself.  Here is a link to his site.

Case in point are these 4 photos; all shot with the same camera and lens, developed exactly the same way, using Rodinal, and scanned using the same settings.  I did crop a little to get the horizons but basically that was it. The first two are 100Tmax, the second two HP5.  If you like grain then HP5, at least the way I did it, gives it to you.  I prefer the Tmax look which to me seems creamy or smoother.

These photos are for illustration purposes only, not as works of art.  It guess when I find  the “formula” I like I can just stick with it, but what’s the fun in that.  I would like to hear from the film users about what your experiences have been.

Second Hole Oak

Blacklake Pond

Morro Bay Boardwalk

Abandoned in Morro Bay

Big Eraser

This over sized eraser is half a block north of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.  This photo is one of 24 that I developed this morning.  This is the first for me.  The family all pitched in at Christmas and gave me most of the supplies I needed.  The hardest part of the process is getting the film on the darn reel that goes into the developing container.  I am very pleased at how they came out.  Up till now I have had all my film developed at Costco and they haven’t done a very good job.  They will only develop C-41type film and I’ve been wanting to try Kodak TX 400 which this is.

Big Eraser

Montana Horse

Montana Horse

If you follow this blog you may know I like to try B&W film occasionally.  It’s much harder than I thought it would be.  Colors can’t bail you out and the subject has to really be strong.  At least to me it does.  I haven’t shot many animals but having recently been in Montana there were lots of horses and here’s one I liked.  Developed and scanned.  No post processing at all.

Buckingham Tree

Bukingham Tree

I’m a sucker for old cabins, barns and gnarly trees.  Hard to pass them up.  The trees seem to always look better shot in B&W.  This is at Buckingham Lake near White Sulfur Springs, Montana.  I spent a week in this area fly fishing and taking photos. It was a fun trip and I’ll put others up on the site over the next few days.

Red and Green

Red and Green (1 of 1)

I make a weekly trek to San Luis Obispo to pick up whole beans at Peet’s Coffee.  It’s a busy and active place with a lot of foot traffic which makes it an interesting place for people watching.  This lady asked if I was “taking a picture of the pretty geraniums”?  Little did she know.