She’s Gone

She's Gone

I have been playing around with film and on the way home the Amtrak passed me.  I decided to pull into the station to look around.  I observed this gentleman hug is wife and put her on the train.  He stayed to watch her leave as did I.


Harmony Door

Today was something new again.  I shot a role of Ilford XP2 B&W film using a borrowed Leica M6 and my 35MM Summicron.  An hour and half after finishing the role Costo handed me a CD which was then imported into LR4.  I did very little PP.  To my eye it didn’t need much.  I was curious if the results were “better” than a color digital processed to B&W in LR4.  All the B&W photos here were done that way.  I suppose it depends on the look one is looking for and I don’t have enough experience with film to know yet.  I do like they way this door in Harmony, CA came out.  I would be interested in feedback from others with more background in this.