Wailua Falls

A trip to Kauai has to include these iconic falls  The viewing area was packed.  Trying to find an open space and keeping folks away long enough for a mid day long exposure took some negotiations. Still didn’t get the exact shot I wanted but next time I’ll try early or late to avoid the crowds.


Tunnel of Trees

On a recent visit to Kauai I read about the The Tunnel of Trees which leads the way along Highway 520 to Poipu Beach.  We took a drive to see for ourselves and found these huge eucalyptus trees that line Maluhia Road near Koloa, creating a dense corridor toward the South Shore.  There are many color shots so I shot it this way.

Two Grand Canyons

I grew up in Sedona.  One summer,  during college,  I worked at the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon.  That job gave me the opportunity to see the canyon every day (and meet college girls that worked there too).  That was too many years ago to count but it’s not something one forgets; the canyon.  It is with that backdrop that I post this photo.  Having recently visited Kauai, I heard about Waimea referred to in the tourist books as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.  I would need an ultra-wide-angle lens to really do it justice but it was spectacular.

Getting Started

I’ve been thinking about setting up a photo blog and having used Word Press in the past I came here to try it out.  I’m not sure how long the process will take but in the mean time I wanted to have a first post and include a photo to see how it looks.  I might try other themes or have one custom-made.  In the meantime enjoy a Kauai Sunset.