Sunrise Fisherman

I’m visiting my son and his family who live on Bainbridge Island, WA.  This morning we both got to do something fun.  He wanted to fly-fish in Puget Sound for salmon and I wanted to capture the sunrise.  We’re both happy.

Fae Bainbridge Park
Fay Bainbridge Park

Pismo Pier

Pismo Pier

Pismo Pier in the dark.  In the past I’ve tried this when it was light but before sunup with ND filters.  Today I went out at 5:30AM and captured this without a filter and got a totally different look.

Guadalupe Barn


Guadalupe Barn

We set our clocks forward last night except for the one I used to wake up.  I got to this location much sooner than I had wanted.  This old barn is south of a Guadalupe, CA on Highway 1 and sits in the middle of a rich and fertile agricultural area.  The winter rains have also turned our foothills into an Irish green.

Lifeguard Station

Wow, two posts in one day.  Going crazy here. This was shot early this morning after a walk. I just turned to my right while coming up from the surf line and fired one off.


Oak Tree

I was given some good advice not long ago, “buy books not equipment”. The landscape book I’m reading now had a section on the use of lead in lines. OK, all you pros can stop yawning. For an old guy learning new things is fun. On a drive to Los Olivos yesterday I was watching the side of the road hoping to find an example and saw this lonely Oak tree. Sometime in the future there will be fog or a stormy day with lots of clouds and I’ll go back and take the shot again.

Tunnel of Trees

On a recent visit to Kauai I read about the The Tunnel of Trees which leads the way along Highway 520 to Poipu Beach.  We took a drive to see for ourselves and found these huge eucalyptus trees that line Maluhia Road near Koloa, creating a dense corridor toward the South Shore.  There are many color shots so I shot it this way.