Learning Black and White Film

Being part of the digital world, film hasn’t been a focus of mine but there is a look to it, as many others have said,  that I really like.  However, I’m finding that it isn’t very easy to create.  Subject and composition is part of it, as with digital, but then there is the choice of film, filters, the developing process and scanning.  I’ve read a lot and experimented. Trial and error seems to be the only answer but I recently received some good advice from a fellow blogger, John Pickles, who creates a look with his film that I really like.  Take a look for yourself.  Here is a link to his site.

Case in point are these 4 photos; all shot with the same camera and lens, developed exactly the same way, using Rodinal, and scanned using the same settings.  I did crop a little to get the horizons but basically that was it. The first two are 100Tmax, the second two HP5.  If you like grain then HP5, at least the way I did it, gives it to you.  I prefer the Tmax look which to me seems creamy or smoother.

These photos are for illustration purposes only, not as works of art.  It guess when I find  the “formula” I like I can just stick with it, but what’s the fun in that.  I would like to hear from the film users about what your experiences have been.

Second Hole Oak

Blacklake Pond

Morro Bay Boardwalk

Abandoned in Morro Bay

Out to Pasture

There is a winding two lane road that runs west and connects Highway 101 to Highway 1 at Morro Bay, CA  This truck, that once must have served its owner well, has been put out to pasture.  It would be interesting to know the history.

Out to Pasture

Morro Bay

Morro Bay is located on the Central Coast of CA and it was foggy there all day.  I was shooting film but when the light began to change I had to try one with digital for posting this evening.