Central Coast Poppies

Central Coast Poppies

There are many more Death Valley photos but today I decided no editing.  I got out in my own neighborhood and had a fun day taking random shots in the middle of the day.  You don’t always need the golden hours.  I found this hillside full of Poppies just south of Cambria, CA and had to jump a fence and hike a bit to get there but it was well worth it.  Could have stayed all afternoon.

Four Mile Run Creek

This creek runs through Bluemont Park in Arlington VA.  I’m here visiting family and while the grandkids were playing in the park, in very cold conditions, I had a few minutes to walk around and take a few shots.

Four Mile Run Creek, VA (1 of 1)

Out to Pasture

There is a winding two lane road that runs west and connects Highway 101 to Highway 1 at Morro Bay, CA  This truck, that once must have served its owner well, has been put out to pasture.  It would be interesting to know the history.

Out to Pasture

Sun Up on the Righetti Ranch

My last post was of a rare snow fall on the Central Coast but it’s gone now so back to normal.  There are some ranches a few miles inland from the ocean which I have permission to go on.  This spot is on top of a ridgeline on the Righetti Ranch south or Orcutt, CA

Sunup on the Righetti Ranch (1 of 1)

Central Coast Snow

This photo is special to me for a couple of reasons.  First, having it snow on the Central Coast of California is very rare.  Secondly, it was taken with Fuji Velvia 50.  I have never used this film and wanted to see for myself what it was like.  I was driving to Santa Barbara this morning to drop off the role for developing and had one frame left.  One of those lucky things.  It was scanned at 1800 with a Plustek 8100.

Central Coast Snow 2_8_2013

The Way if Was?

There is a section of Pismo Beach that allows motorized vehicles to drive out on the sand. During my walk yesterday this old car went by.  Not sure what it is, maybe a Ford.  I did a little cropping and then converted into B&W with Silver Efex Pro.  My way of recreating history.

The Way it Was