Upper Slide Rock

Slide Rock is a popular spot north of Sedona, AZ in the summer.  There is a slot in the rocks that you can see in the right of this photo which in a natural water slide that continues for several hundred yards. I was there mid morning last week on this beautiful fall day and hardly anyone around.

Sedona Arizona
Sedona Arizona

Four Mile Run Creek

This creek runs through Bluemont Park in Arlington VA.  I’m here visiting family and while the grandkids were playing in the park, in very cold conditions, I had a few minutes to walk around and take a few shots.

Four Mile Run Creek, VA (1 of 1)

Beaver Spread Ranch

After a couple of days at Zion National Park we moved on to Wyoming.  The little town of Wilson is 12 miles southwest of Jackson Hole.  Dear friends own a small ranch on Fish Creek and this is a look at the creek at sunrise.