Chapel of the Holy Cross

I was in Sedona, Arizona last week during the extreme heat and forest fires.  The combination created grey hazy sky’s and any chance of getting decent color photos of the chapel and rod rock country went up in smoke.  It was a good opportunity, however, to continue to experiment with black and white film.

Chapel of the Holy Cross


Chapel of the Holy Cross (2 of 5)


Chapel of the Holy Cross (5 of 5)


Chapel of the Holy Cross (4 of 5)


Water Wheel

This is one of the photos from Christmas week in Sedona, AZ.  The old building and water wheel are what remains of Crescent Moon Ranch, a settlement that was homesteaded in the late 1800’s.

Water Wheel


Palatki Ruins

These Indian ruins are located 10 miles southwest of Sedona, AZ in a primitive area on Dry Creek Road.  Just returned from a few days there but didn’t have much time to shoot but this turned out pretty well.

First Light

The first photo class I took, Sept 2011, light was the first word out of the instructors mouth after good morning.  Before then, seeing a landscape while driving or hiking, I would look and admire but never considered what it was that made me do so.  To catch the light in an interesting place like Sedona is a lot of fun.Light, as many of you know, is a photographers best friend.