Out to Pasture

There is a winding two lane road that runs west and connects Highway 101 to Highway 1 at Morro Bay, CA  This truck, that once must have served its owner well, has been put out to pasture.  It would be interesting to know the history.

Out to Pasture

The Way if Was?

There is a section of Pismo Beach that allows motorized vehicles to drive out on the sand. During my walk yesterday this old car went by.  Not sure what it is, maybe a Ford.  I did a little cropping and then converted into B&W with Silver Efex Pro.  My way of recreating history.

The Way it Was

She’s Gone

She's Gone

I have been playing around with film and on the way home the Amtrak passed me.  I decided to pull into the station to look around.  I observed this gentleman hug is wife and put her on the train.  He stayed to watch her leave as did I.


Gas from the Past

It’s fun to go on day trips and take roads you’ve never been on.  Today was one of those days.  Standing off under some brush and trees was this gas pump.  There was no price of gas on the meter but I bet it was less than today.