Bubble Gum Alley

Bubble Gum Wall (1 of 1)

Most residences and many visitors of San Luis Obispo, CA have seen this strange tourist attraction but for all the rest of you I wanted to share.  Both sides of the alley, which is 15 feet high and 70 feet long, is literally covered by gum.  I happened to park right in front of it this morning and even though I’ve seen it hundreds of times I had not shot it.  Now I have.

The Clouds Break

This shot happened as I was packing up from shooting long exposures in the early morning clouds and fog.  This is an area in Pismo Beach, CA called Dinosaur Caves. At low tide you can get down into the rocks and caves.

How’s the Fishing?

I’m blessed to live near the coast and like to walk on the beach but don’t do it often enough.  This morning I did.  Me and my camera took a walk and observed these two having a chat about fishing conditions.

Vanishing Point

I read an article this past weekend about the use of a vanishing point in photographic composition.  I had seen it but didn’t know what it was called.  Armed with this new term I went out to see if I could do it.  I’m sure these kind of shots are very common but this is my first so I wanted to post La Purisima Mission Lompoc, California.