Painted Desert Storm

Painted Desert, AZ
Painted Desert, AZ

The morning started with a few clouds and as the day went on they increased until the sky turned dark and rain fell.  Occasionally the sun would peek out and provide some interesting light.

Death Cloud


Shell Beach California
Shell Beach California

I was watching this cloud form and was fascinated by it’s shape.  The title “Death Cloud” jumped into my mind.  Not sure why but maybe from watching too many Star Trek’s when young.

Central Coast Snow

This photo is special to me for a couple of reasons.  First, having it snow on the Central Coast of California is very rare.  Secondly, it was taken with Fuji Velvia 50.  I have never used this film and wanted to see for myself what it was like.  I was driving to Santa Barbara this morning to drop off the role for developing and had one frame left.  One of those lucky things.  It was scanned at 1800 with a Plustek 8100.

Central Coast Snow 2_8_2013

Under the Avila Bridge

On stormy days black & white often looks better to me.  This was taken under the bridge at Avila.  The bridge crosses this creek that flows into the ocean.  At high tide the creek becomes a back bay.

Under the Avila Bridge

First Snow of the Year

On our last day at the Bar Z Ranch I awoke to snow flurries. I took a few shots from the back porch, still in PJ’s, then quickly back inside to finish my coffee.  It continued to snow off and on the rest of the day.  Coming from Southern California it was a wonderful sight.