First Snow of the Year

On our last day at the Bar Z Ranch I awoke to snow flurries. I took a few shots from the back porch, still in PJ’s, then quickly back inside to finish my coffee.  It continued to snow off and on the rest of the day.  Coming from Southern California it was a wonderful sight.

Summer Home

This cabin was used as a summer retreat for the owners of the Bar Z Ranch.  It sits just West of the Smith River.  A small amount of the morning snow remains on the roof.

Buckingham Tree

Bukingham Tree

I’m a sucker for old cabins, barns and gnarly trees.  Hard to pass them up.  The trees seem to always look better shot in B&W.  This is at Buckingham Lake near White Sulfur Springs, Montana.  I spent a week in this area fly fishing and taking photos. It was a fun trip and I’ll put others up on the site over the next few days.