Big Horns

Zion National Park is a photographers paradise.  I took hundreds of photos but don’t want to overwhelm this blog with all of them at one time.  However, while hiking one morning I didn’t expect to see these Big Horn Sheep.  They were curious, a bit edgy but didn’t run off.  The Canon with zoom would have been nice to have.  This was taken with a 35MM so there is a significant crop.

Quiet Moon

On our last day at Zion I wanted to try to find a location to capture the moon rise.  I was late as you can see from the Moon’s height but it was still giving off some glow to the mountains.  Zion is a wonderment of nature and I plan on going back during the winter in order to see those rock formations with snow on them.

Zion Rainbow

My wife and I are driving to Jackson Hole, WY to join long time friends.  Zion National Park was not to far from our route so we took the detour.  Today was full of rain showers, lighting, and wonderful colors.  I climbed to a high point and this is what I saw and yes the rainbow is real.